Pokédex 3DS
Have you gotten all your Pokèmon yet? :D

Yep. I got all 164 now. Now I’m looking forward to the Pro version to get *all* of them.

this is the same person with the 'how in the world' question, but those picture waay down the page they have the circles and everything like they're battling

Just use this picture to put two random Pokémon against each other using Pokédex 3D.

how in the world do battle with pokedex is it the cards or...

I don’t think you can actually battle but you can put in place two cards and make the Pokemon face each other and execute their move. Makes it look like a battle… Kind of :)

Finally completed my Pokédex!

It took me forever - thanks Raza!

I can not kreigen 019 to 022 and 3 deerlin and sawbuck not, how do I get

Some Pokemon you cannot get through daily unlocks. Each person gets a few different ones of the ones that you mentioned and has to swap to get the rest.

I need to trade to finish my collection :) 

Made a random Pokémon QR code using Freakyforms. 

how do i view different kinds of pokemon like an a card?

Do you have a 3DS with Pokedex 3D? If you do, you can make them appear using the QR codes (patterns) on this blog. You can print out the patterns too.

I need 4 more pokemon and a few of the male/female or seasons but no more are coming in, Now what?

Now you can only trade to get the rest - I’m in the same position…

So far only those 3 mentioned Pokémon have multiple animation, I'm guessing because Victini is an event Pokémon and Resh and Zek are the main legendaries.
When the 3rd version comes out or we get more event Pokémon we'll get more with more animations.

Also you get the pause button on any Pokémon if you receive them from someone else.

I’m hoping for more alternate animations. I get the pause button for every unlocked Pokemon too.

I do hope that there will be a release that unlocks other region Pokedex.

Pokemon with multiple animations

I’ve noticed 3 pokemon that have two animations instead of just one.

- Victini has one where it flies upward in a spiral then poses in midair as sparks fly out from it, and another where it does a vertical takeoff then flies toward the camera (assuming the default camera position) while intensifying its flame.

- Reshiram has one where it appears to be shooting flames from its mouth, and another where it surrounds itself with a column of fire.

- Zekrom has one where it appears to be shooting electricity from its mouth, and another where it surrounds itself with a ball of electricity.

These are the only three in my pokedex that have multiple animations.  Has anyone else found any others?  At first I thought it might be related to them having a pause button on the bottom screen, but Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion also have a pause button and they only have one animation each.

I have pansage, simisage, and sawsbuck(spring) on mine. I have 115 pokemon so far. I hope you get the ones you're missing!


I have read that the (grass, fire, water) monkeys you can only get one set of on your own system. The rest you need to get by trading. I need to trade to get Pansage and Simisage. I suspect it is the same with the others I don’t have.

Roll on next StreetPass meet! 

It’s on like Pokémon!

It’s on like Pokémon!

Wiibob found this image that puts up two random Pokémon facing each other for battle. Makes for nice pics!

Wiibob found this image that puts up two random Pokémon facing each other for battle. Makes for nice pics!

Hey that’s not fair!

I had 155 Pokémon in my Pokedéx yesterday and today I didn’t get a single one. It’s the first day it happens. Are all of the rest special event?

My missing list:

Anyone got these?

Pattern found in AR codes.

I was looking at the difference in the values between AR codes, and I came across a very distinct pattern that repeats every 8 codes:  A B A C A B A C+

In this case, A means to change the value of bits 1 and 13 (top left and bottom left), B is bits 13 and 16 (bottom left and bottom right), and C is bits 1, 4, 9, and 16 (all four corners). 

For example, to go from Pansear to Simisear, you would apply A, which is to change the value of bits 1 and 13. To go from Simisear to Panpour, you would apply B, changing the value of bits 13 and 16.  Panpour to Simipour is A again, and Simipour to Munna is C, changing all four corners.  As long as you ignore duplicate forms of the same number, this will work all the way from 0 to 152.  (Note that from 0 to 1 is B, 1 to 2 is A, and 2 to 3 is C+, I just think it looks cleaner writing the pattern out with C+ last.)

By now you’re probably asking what the C+ means.  Basically it means you take C and you add some more bits to be changed instead of sticking to just the four corners. 

Interestingly enough, the + part of C+ also follows the same pattern:  a b a c a b a c+

For a you change bits 5 and 14, for b you change bits 12 and 14, and for c you change bits 3, 5, 12, and 14 (in addition to the four corners you would change because of C).  Essentially, a, b and c are what you’d get if you rotated A, B and C counterclockwise by one bit.  Unfortunately, there aren’t enough codes yet to figure out a pattern for the added c+ bits, assuming there is one, but I did notice all three occurrences of c+ included bit 15.

Here’s how the whole pattern looks so far, starting with 0.  The additional bits that need to be switched for c+ are included in brackets, and the pokemon named after each line is what you should get after switching the appropriate bits.  Remember that this ignores the alternate forms. 

(0 - Victini) B A Cb (3 - Serperior)

A B A C A B A Ca (11 - Watchog)

A B A C A B A Cc+ [2, 6, 8, 9, 11, 15] (19 - Pansear)

A B A C A B A Ca (27 - Unfezant male)

A B A C A B A Cb (35 - Drilbur)

A B A C A B A Ca (43 - Seismitoad)

A B A C A B A Cc (51 - Scolipede)

A B A C A B A Ca (59 - Krookodile)

A B A C A B A Cb (67 - Sigilyph)

A B A C A B A Ca (75 - Garbador)

A B A C A B A Cc+ [9, 15] (83 - Solosis)

A B A C A B A Ca (91 - Deerling spring form)

A B A C A B A Cb (99 - Jellicent male)

A B A C A B A Ca (107 - Klinklang)

A B A C A B A Cc (115 - Chandelure)

A B A C A B A Ca (123 - Accelgor)

A B A C A B A Cb (131 - Bisharp)

A B A C A B A Ca (139 - Deino)

A B A C A B A Cc+ [8, 15] (147 - Tornadus)

A B A C A (152 - Kyurem)

Unfortunately, continuing the pattern doesn’t give us anything past Kyurem or before Victini.  I was also unable to determine much of a pattern for the alternate forms.  I did notice that from Summer Deerling to Autumn to Winter followed A C, and Summer Sawsbuck to Autumn to Winter followed B A, though.

[S.Jez: This is awesome - thanks for posting Tansunn. I think they’re going to release all of the regional ‘dexes so this could come in really handy!]